Sunday, December 26, 2010

representing........c ushy =)

l0vey d0vey>>
bdk kck+itam..hehe;p

i'm inn0cent ;-)

there is abs0lutely n0thin' wr0ng with that feelin'...
feels g00d is awes0me!!ha ha ha

I FEEL G00D =)

thx 4 th0se who help it through out da j0urney..

will definitely stop at dis point..n0 more searchin', c0z it's n0t valuable enough compared to my precious life.yeah!!

chukae00 SNFTMR ;-)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


tgh tgk boys over flower kt maaduu, tp siyes ngntok+pnt..nk tdo tp cte lak best..esk da nk blik uia..ermm xtau nk rse pe..smngt mmg xde lg sbb bru psh ngn fmly pas almost 1 m9nth kt umh...windu c ushy..hukhuk